ICG (Ivy Crest Institute of International Education) is an academic agency that helps students around the world study in America, for varying levels of education. Our focus is on value creation in international education. Global education resources and high quality education advising are some of our platform services. We extremely value creating transparency in the process for students and schools. Our duty for students is to become their guardians to help ensure their future success.

      Based on the world's long-term development plan for an International Education Resource Ecosystem, in our eyes, just placing students in schools is not enough. We advocate cooperation with industry partners to create a plethora of education resources for students. From tutoring to internships, we rely on a huge repository of international education resources to provide the most professional ground system for students.

      We have headquarters in Los Angeles and Shanghai providing connections to hundreds of educational institutions around the world. We offer a variety of options and aim to be the catalyst for a student's higher education and career.

— Asher Genoot | Founder | Ivy Crest Group